While we are still working on this website, you can refer to https://www.francescahan.com and to https://francescahan.bandcamp.com

Meanwhile, note that Francesca Han, bassist Pierre Fenichel and drummer Fred Pasqua are uniting their talents to create and perform new and exciting soul vibrating music under the name WAKAN.

Below is a piece composed by Francesca Han and titled ‘Major’.

Francesca Han piece ‘Major’ as performed in February 2024 with WAKAN.

The short video below presents some of the repertoire they are currently developing for a project that will take shape later this year and materialise in an album in early 2025.

WAKAN in a first teaser
‘EXUDE’ out on October 6th 2022
Francesca Han / Ralph Alessi ‘Exude’ teaser
Francesca Han / Ralph Alessi ‘Arirang’

You can find below a selective collection of reviews of the album ‘EXUDE’